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Meat Puppets Reunion!!

That's right, kids! Curt and Cris are going into the studio to record the first Meat Puppets record in 11 years (no, Golden Lies doesn't count)! Derrick has turned down an invitation to participate in the project. He will be replaced by Primus drummer, Tim Alexander.

says Curt:

"I've got the album written already. I'm going to record it on my own and then see who wants to put it out. It's epic. It's big Meat Puppets stuff. I haven't seen my brother since like 1998, but I'm talking to him a lot. He's been clean for more than two years and he's all raring to go. Cris' resurrection is no less than miraculous -- it's like a Lazarus-type thing. I was just like, 'If Cris is back, I know his frame of mind.' If he's upright and walking, it's hard to knock him down."

The forthcoming reunion is slated to manifest an album sometimes early 2007. It's no joke, people.

And speaking of No Joke!, MeatPuppets.com is sporting a 9-song set of studio demos from the No Joke! sessions, including the unreleased "Vaseline", "Not Now", and Buck Owens's instrumental classic "Buckaroo".

Check it out!
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